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Signature Elevated Sweatsuits


Introduction to "Elle"

Elevated Clouds Sweatsuit is one of our signature pieces. It is made from the highest and richest quality in 100% cotton Featured with our logo that is pictured away in the clouds, we call it Elle. Elle represents anyone who is elevating in life or anyone who needs motivation to elevate. Elevation requires some separation, separation from people and sometimes even your old self. We're introducing our brand to the streets first and eventually our brand will be introduced to the world. We hope our brand reaches you in pursuit to motivate and initiate elevation.

Exotic Sizing Chart

We offer quality fashion apparel and miscellaneous products while giving you trap vibes, yes TRAP vibes! Our exotic sizing is described in grams and your products will be delivered in pound size bags which keeps it sealed, protected and stylish at the same time.

Exotic Sizing
X-Small 0.5 Gram
Samll 1 Gram
Medium 3.5 Gram
Large 7 Gram
X-Large 14 Gram

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